Psalm 139:16 (NIV):  Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

Ordain: predetermine, predestine, preordain, destine, determine, prescribe, designate, will “the path ordained by fate” (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

 Ok, so what this verse is saying is “GOD ordained”, which is just a fancy word for determined, predetermined, predestined all the days of my life. He planned them out before I was even thought about being born. Well if that’s the case, why do we live like we have no destiny at all? Why do we walk around day to day defeated, unfocused, alone, sick and broke? After really digging in and finding out why we aren’t living this predetermined by God life, it hit me. While we might believe what this passage is saying, we don’t speak it! Our mouths are not lining up with our hearts. Not too long ago, I conducted an experiment on my mouth and all the words coming out of it. For an entire day, I carried around in my pocket a digital recorder in record mode that captured every word I spoke. That night I played it back and I was shocked at the negative words I was speaking over my own life. Things like “I’m so dumb” when I dropped my keys, “I’m getting so old” when my back hurt and “where does the time go, I never have enough time” when I was overwhelmed by all I had to get done in the day. Listening to the recording made me depressed. We are trying to be blessed, happy and love our lives while we speak negative things. In Psalm 45:1 it says our tongues are like the pen of a skillful writer. When we speak negatively we are re-writing what God has already written about our lives. Today I challenge you to watch your words, think about what you say. SPEAK LIFE! When you want to say something snarky or negative, think twice and replace it with “no matter what, God has this predetermined destiny for my life”. When we speak, we create! Words are things. They are like containers. They carry creative or destructive power. God has a rich, full and blessed life for you. Don’t just believe it, but SPEAK IT!