Allisyn Hardee is a master communicator.  She has spent 20+ years performing, competing and judging pageants all over the US.  Allisyn was Mrs. Kennesaw in 1997.  Allisyn’s expertise is interview preparation and on stage presence.   Her passion is coaching girls and women of all ages at The Pageant Place, to find the greatness in each girl and help them become a winner.  Follow Allisyn on Twitter @allisynvaralla.


The Interview is hands-down the most important phase of competition in the vast majority of pageants. Even if the Interview does not comprise the majority of your final score, the impression you make in the Interview will carry through and affect your score in all other phases of competition. Whether your interview is a 12-minute session with a panel of judges, or 2-minute one-on-one interviews with 6 separate judges, We will teach you the skills to control the interview and leave the judges wanting more.

Aside from a head shot, your paperwork is the first point of contact the judges have with you. Before you actually meet, the judges see a sheet of paper that represents YOU. This paperwork will help the judges form questions to ask you in the interview, but more importantly, they will form an impression of your accomplishments, goals and level of preparedness to hold the title. Your paperwork must shine! We offer a complete Application Consultation and an Application Suggestions session to make your application stand out above the rest. Coaching/paperwork covers all aspects of paperwork for each pageant including platform preparation and development.

Self Confidence/Life Coaching:
The key to appearing confident, knowledgeable and in-control is being mentally prepared for each phase of competition. We will teach you to harness the excitement and nerves that accompany pageant competition and place that energy into preparing for any question or situation. You cannot predict what the judges will ask, but you CAN learn to think on your feet and control the focus of the interview. We also teach life skills in form of life coaching during this process.

The onstage competitions (evening gown, swimsuit, casual wear, etc.) are your chance to project confidence, poise and stage presence. We will help you develop these skills plus teach you how to walk, pose and connect with the judges from onstage.

Hair & Make-Up:
Part of developing your confidence is feeling you have “the look.” We will help you select the right Hair and Make-Up styles for the pageant system in which you are competing – styles that suit your personality and accentuate your natural beauty.

The young woman makes the dress…not the other way around! Learn what you need to know to choose the right wardrobe for you for all phases of competition and the appropriate look for your pageant. We will teach you how to highlight all your greatest assets and minimize anything you don’t want noticed.

It’s important to understand that the pageant talent competition is judged very differently than a dance, vocal or other specialized competition. We have experience advising dancers, singers, instrumentalists, actresses and everything in between to perfect their talent for pageant competition.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Maddy and I had a fabulous time attending your workshop on March 22, 2014. Everyone was amazing. The workshop was incredible, we were in awe. I truly believe that this experience will last Maddy a lifetime. Not only was Mrs. Kim funny, but she was teaching them about life, confidence, and self esteem. I will never forget the smile on Maddy’s face when we left the workshop.  We are looking forward to returning in the future when more classes or pageants are available. Life lessons are hard to come by and I wouldn’t think twice to sending Maddy again.

With just one look, Kim Gravel can spot young girls who have the ability to excel in the world of pageantry. That is exactly what Kim did for my daughter, London Taylor. Kim encouraged London to consider pageants the first time they met. London entered her first pageant and Kim prepared London by coaching her in the areas of wardrobe and gowns, modeling/walking, interviewing, make-up, hair, talent, courting the judges and building her confidence. Kim has proven herself as a professional results oriented pageant coach, as London won five out of six categories and the title in her first pageant. Kim continues to coach London and constantly reminds her that there is no limit to her potential in pageantry and life.

Kim is tough and expects a lot out of my daughter. She would rather go to pageant coaching than out with her friends. The skills she is learning from Kim will not only help her in pageants but will help guide her through life!

Kim is the expert in developing young talent. Her God given ability to enable young girls to be their true authentic self is what makes “The Pageant Place” program unique. Much like the sport of baseball Kim gets into the mental aspect of competing and draws from an almost spiritual place in each of the girls. My daughter was forever changed by working with Kim.