Move On

Move on! It’s six letters, two words, easy to say, hard to explain and even harder to do. So many times in our lives we hang on to people, things, jobs and even relationships that we need to move on from.  The most frequently asked question is, how do I know when it’s time to [...]

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Fear Is Your Friend

When I was a little girl, like 7, my mom was the youth choir director at my church. I will never forget this story because it was my first of many lessons in my “fear being my friend”.  My mom had given me a solo to sing in the Christmas pageant at church. She knew [...]

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The history of the statue of David begins before Michelangelo's work on it from 1501 to 1504.  Prior to Michelangelo's involvement, the Overseers of the Office of Works had plans to commission a series of twelve large Old Testament sculptures for the buttresses of the cathedral, David being one of them. Two other sculptors were [...]

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Crisis Of Confidence

My daddy always said “Confidence is silent but insecurities are loud” and boy he is right . You can tell we live in an insecure society because the sound is deafening. We are in a state of crisis. It’s not political, social or even religious. It’s one that hits everyone no matter where they live [...]

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Kim of Queens

Lifetime’s "Kim of Queens" (#KimOfQueens) returns this fall for a second season with star Kim Gravel, one of the country’s most successful and outspoken pageant coaches on a mission to find diamonds in the rough and transform them into confident young women. Kim, along with her mother Jo and sister Allisyn, help polish local girls [...]

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Kim on The Steve Harvey Show

Kim is a reoccurring guest panelist on The Steve Harvey Show.  Her point of view is always sensible, strong and delivered with good ole’ Southern charm.  Follow Kim on social media for appearance updates.

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Kim on HLN

Kim appears regularly on Headline News Network (HLN) as a commentator on beauty, lifestyle, teens and women’s issues.  Follow Kim on social media for appearance updates.

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Dirty Pop with Lance Bass

You can listen to Kim every Wednesday at 7 pm EST on Lance Bass’ XM Sirius Radio show Dirty Pop during the wildly popular “Gravel Mail” segment.  Kim answers listeners questions on life, love, sex, dating, money, kids and everything in between.

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We Want To See Your #KIMISM

Kim of Queens Season 2 begins on Tuesday September 16th! To kick things off we're gonna have a contest for you to show us your best KIMISM! The winner will get a 30 minute personal Skype session with Kim! You can make a short video, a meme or you can just write it on a [...]

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