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The Best 5 Ingredient Dinners

The Best 5-Ingredient Dinners You Must Learn To Make Now Running out of ingredients and have absolutely no clue what to cook? It happens to the best of us. Not all of us have loaded [...]

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My Favorite Summer Salads

I'm low carbing it so salads are a must and since I have a healthy/BIG appetite they need to fill me up. I found these great recipes that have tons of the flavor with none of [...]

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Quick Confidence Boosters

This has always caught my attention: “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~Maria Robinson Self-awareness and love for who God made you [...]

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5 Summer Wardrobe Must Haves

Layering up is a bad idea if you are trying to keep up with the fashion trends in this scorching summer heat. So what options are you left with? Loose logo T-shirts and hot pants? [...]

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Yummy Memorial Day Menu!

It’s Memorial Day Y’all! Memorial Day is marked as a special day on the calendar because it’s the perfect time to reflect on the sacrifices many families have given for years to protect our country. [...]

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Fresh and Rejuvenated Summer Skin!

Summer means all the reasons to show more skin – whether you are trying to beat the heat at the beach or just moving around fighting heat in minimal clothes. But if you want your [...]

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THE BIGGEST LOSER Eating Your Way to Shed 8lbs in 4 Weeks The Low-Carb Yummy “Skinny Recipes” for a Thinner You! In preparing for my QVC launch in August I have set a goal to [...]

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Lord have mercy and give me strength! Fall is here and so is the onset of the holidays. I’m already collecting my holiday recipes, starting with desserts (of course). All I can say is I’m [...]

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