It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love spending time with my family and getting into the spirit of Christmas in so many ways! Here is my bucket list for this year:


This is one of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season. I love putting on some festive music, sipping hot chocolate, and transforming my home into a winter wonderland! It’s the perfect way to kick off the season.

Shop for Gifts and WRAP!

Once I have finished shopping for everyone on my list, I love spending time wrapping each gift. I know a lot of people dread wrapping presents, but it is something I personally look forward to an enjoy. I go through the list and think about the many reasons why I am so thankful for each person in my life. I love getting creative and making gifts stand out in their own way.


We all love getting new things this time of year, but it is also the perfect time to donate time, talent, food, clothing, toys, and more to families and organizations in need. Giving to others makes the holiday season even more special for my family.

Christmas Light Ride

Every year my family and I hop in the car with cozy blankets and festive music, and we gaze at the holiday lights around town. If you have kids, I highly recommend taking them on a Light Ride! Something so simple can be so memorable.

Read the Story of the Birth of Jesus

We sometimes get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, and that’s okay! But it is always a treat for me and my family to sit down together and remember why we celebrate Christmas.


What is on your Christmas bucket list? Tell me in the comments!