I’m sitting here reading letters that sweet young girls write me about Kim Of Queens. I’m so humbled and yet so hopeful for the young women and our future generations. I will have to be honest when the last episode did not air I was heartbroken, a bit bitter and down right pissed. It was tough to make the show and conflict surrounded it but I knew “THE MESSAGE” of the show was the MOST important part of Kim Of Queens. Not the pageants, not the mama drama, the family business and certainly not me! The MESSAGE was the star. The message that you are one of a kind, nobody on the planet has your DNA and I knew if people (all people) could grasp that concept that they would be CHANGED. Forever changed. Every day we filmed I would ask God to please in spite of all the difficulties, power struggles, egos, head trips, cast changes, exhaustion, in-fighting, control freaks and breakdowns that there would  be  BREAKTHROUGHS. That someone would be touched and moved to believe in themselves and see themselves as God had created them, one of a kind. The beauty of God’s grace was that everyday someone was changed. The transformation girls, some of the crew, camera men, producers, pageant girls, my mom and Allisyn and even Angie believe it or not! But the big surprise was how many of the viewers were changed. The letters I receive are so amazing and moving and I know the Kim of Queens message however cloaked it was people got it, they felt it and were CHANGED! So today when I opened a letter by Eva from Virginia I had to write this blog. She wrote “Miss Kim,  everyone seems to be so full of life down south in Georgia it must be something in the water. Man do we need some of that here in Northern Virginia. Miss Kim, I’m gonna be real here Kim of Queens has changed me. When I was younger I thought I had to be beautiful, skinny and like everybody else. I know now it’s the girl herself, it’s my personality and my confidence, it’s me and I am beautiful. Thank you for showing me that. Miss Kim you gotta enjoy what you do”. I wish I could just hug her neck and tell her how her letter and the hundreds of others I’ve received have CHANGED me. I’m humbled and grateful that I got to be the messenger on Kim of Queens and that God allowed THE MESSAGE to connect with people.

Remember you are one of a kind and there is a plan for your life! A purpose! God made you special.